The Feedweb WordPress Plugin: Version 2.4

Feb 17

The Feedweb WordPress plugin has gone through many makeovers and we have added it to it numerous features since creating the company less than a year ago. What have we done this time? We Feedweb ninjas put on our thinking caps and added some suave to the Feedweb plugin.

Check out this interactive landing page to see how you can interact with readers with the Feedweb WordPress plugin. There you can see how the widget looks with both or either the new mobile layout and with the “Modern” color scheme.

The New Features:

Mobile Layout: Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t. Now it does not matter. The Feedweb widget is now compatible with mobile phones, whereas before there were times at which the widget would get cut off. If you are reading your daily blog posts on an iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus, or anything else, then voting with Feedweb is just as easy as ever. With the mobile layout, not only does the widget fit into the phone’s view, but also, longer questions are not cut off, whereas before there were times at which part of the question would at times not appear due to length. So if you have a question, don’t shy away-go and ask your readers.

Modern Scheme: Until version 2.4 that was released this past evening, there were only 2 skins to choose from: blue and grey (for those that don’t know how to make a CSS style-sheet). Now we have added a more sleek and hip scheme called, “modern”. All the buttons on the widget have been replaced with something a little more attractive to the eye. The sharing button (yes you can share to social media with Feedweb!) is now more recognizable, as are all of the rest including viewing results.

Modern and Mobile

How do you go from the Wide layout to Modern? For those long-time Feedweb users, you can keep the Wide layout at any of the dimensions: 120X350,400,450, or 500. To Make the change just go to settings (inside the”Feedweb” tab).


Under the general settings, you will see “Feedweb”. Click on Feedweb and go to settings. Under settings change “wide” to mobile.

**Widget Width is only relevant for someone who uses the Wide layout.

Results Screen: Now when viewing the results to the questions, each question is located on a “different” screen.  The below image of the widget shows that the questions can be shown in 2 lines, and the navigation arrows from question to question. Finally, now you can see the results not just by percentages, rather also quantitative showing you how many people voted yes/no or rated the article at different values.

Arrow up/Arrow down

Use the arrows to navigate from result to result. In addition, notice the sharing option on the bottom-right corner.

So that’s it for now. We hope you enjoy it! If you have not checked out the landing page then please do so now, and of course, you are welcome to share this with anyone and everyone.

Feedweb for WordPress. v2.4.12


  1. Really a great post.

    After reading this post looking to give a try to this plugin.

    More reluctant due to new features that you have listed above, especially the mobile layout that makes it smartphones friendly. We know the power of smartphones these days and it is really important to optimize everything mobile friendly considering the increasing number of smartphones and mobile users.

    Thanks for this review.
    Rahul Dubey recently posted…How to Do Proper Attribution ? – A Quick Intro of Creative Commons Licenses – [Infographic]My Profile

    • Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy using the plugin. Be sure to come by and let me know once you have installed. Since this post we have added more features, so I think you will really like what you are getting. Good Luck!

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