Albert Einstein would Thrive at Publishing Content

Apr 06

As you may or may not know, our Feedweb plugin is available to help all content publishers (includes bloggers) that use WordPress to get more feedback from readers. At the end of the day, how can one thrive publishing content online if he/she is not in-touch with the readers?

Albert Einstein, as a blogger, would have of course used Feedweb to interact with his respected readers. The question remains, what would he have asked? What can you ask with Feedweb? Of course any yes/no question. Like many other things, like social media, using Feedweb is not enough. You have got to use it in the correct manner. Correct use, which totally depends on the content, will lead to optimal results.


1. Will you share this?- What, you don’t want to know how many people are sharing your content?

2. Had you heard of this before?- Is your news really new? Not in all topics, but in many, if you are not reporting on time, some of the edge is lost.

3. Do you follow us on social media?- Not only is this an important question, but by raising the subject in this manner may cause a few readers to join you on one of your many social media profiles.

4. Will you try this? Will you attend?- You’ve given a few tips, now don’t you think it would be wise to find out if the tips are going to be used. It seems like a lot comment saying, “yea this is great, and I’ll try it” when in reality that is not such. By giving readers a chance to give random feedback there might even be more “honest” feedback. The same goes for those that let readers know about upcoming events. Find out who is planning on going. If the majority seems like that is what they want to do, then write a follow-up with more depth on the event.

5. Did you like the images?- With the growing importance of social media, having an attention grabbing image is a must-have. Who better to ask than your readers?

6. Would a video help you understand?- Are you writing the post in a style and using media that would help you understand, or are you thinking of readers? When writing posts, publishers need to put themselves in the reader’s shoes.

7. Did this make sense?- Going back to the previous point of checking what readers understand, this is a great question for a post/article that is using several types of media. Did everything make the article easy to understand or not?

8. Do you visit us once a week?- Find out how often these readers are visiting you. My assumption would be pantyhose answering the questions are those that visit more often. I could be wrong. Find out how often or when they read: morning or evening? (Yes I know you can see some of this in Google Analytics).


9. Do you like giving feedback like this?- Kind of a rhetorical question, but sometimes those are just what you need to engage the disengaged.

10. Have you tried this in the past?- This is a similar question to the question regarding if the news was new or not. However, with this type of question you can also check what your readers do and don’t do.

11. Can this help your X?- This is a question that can be asked regarding a business, project, relationships, planning a trip, or anything else. Is your shared content helpful to your audience? In addition you could ask a question like: “Will your business thrive with these tips?”.

14. Can this article be improved?- You were able to get the point across, this time. How can you keep up with your competition or your readers needs if you assume that what you have written is good enough?

15. Is Facebook better for news than Twitter?- For the sake of example that was the question chosen. The point of the question is to compare two similar options. Do people prefer to cook with this or that? Do they prefer to travel to here or there?








16. Do you have a blog?- Basically just get to know what your readers do. If it is a fitness blog, ask if they run or diet. You get the just of it. If you write about any business oriented topics then find out if anyone is an entrepreneur.

17. Do you read more than 2 hours of news on the net/day? Start discovering what your readers are doing when they are online. If most of the time is spent on social media, then make your posts more social media friendly.

Now there is no doubt that we all understand the value of asking these questions when publishing content. Yes, Mr. Einstein was very smart, but you can match his intelligence by asking the questions that will help you build a stronger relationship with readers.

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  1. Hi Amiti,

    At first I was lost in this post, but then I clicked around and found out all about Feedweb. I have seen this before on a few blogs I have visited.

    Seems to me like a perfect solution, not only to get content out, but more importantly to use the feedback our readers have in order to map out better content for our target audience.

    Now this is a pretty cool tool to use, not only for our blogs, but for marketing purposes also.

    The wheels are spinning in my head!

    donna merrill recently posted…Why Updating Your Blog Is ImportantMy Profile

    • Donna,

      We are with you 100% of the way. We are crazy for Feedweb, and are aiming to turn it into a blogger and online marketer’s best friend! We love your blog, so we’ll definitely be reaching out to you in the next couple of weeks. Spread the word.

  2. Hi Amiti,
    I didn’t know about feedweb, but you have written very well, will surly going to give a try to it.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Sheshnath recently posted…Google’s New Aim At Android Tv To Make It Entertainment HubMy Profile

    • Hi Sheshnath,

      I am goading was able to introduce you to our Feedweb! Thank you for the kind words, and I hope you become a part of the Feedweb community.

  3. Hello Amiti,
    Great post indeed !

    You really write so well. I have seen many blogger doing article spinning and delivering the same articles. But you always write so highly unique articles.

    Eagerly waiting for your next post. Have a great day :)
    Nikhil ganotra recently posted…50% Discount Mythemeshop Coupon Code With ReviewMy Profile

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. With the competitive world of blogging, being regular is not an option.

  4. What a clever and creative post, Amiti! I love all of it and especially appreciate that you use Albert Einstein as the angle to get your message across. He’s one of my heroes and your use of him resonated with me.

    • Hi Samantha,

      I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Recently, I decided that only creativity would help us standout, so this is an early outcome.
      I too see Mr. Einstein as a great man.

      Hope to see you back for the next post.

  5. Hi Amiti,

    Good article with an interesting title!
    The first time I saw your article, I was intrigued by the title you use. Using Albert Einstein as the title is an outstanding idea, since he is the one who is really famous :)

    Thanks for sharing this, Amiti.
    Nice share, indeed!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…6 Ways To Avoid Your Website From Google Algorithmic PenaltyMy Profile

    • Hi Nanda,

      Thanks for the kind words. That is exactly why I used Einstein. Using something creative in the title can attract a little more attention.

  6. Hi Amiti,

    Yes, by asking all those questions and getting honest feedback from readers, there is no wonder Einstein will thrive at publishing content!

    Yes, getting feedback from users is of utmost importance. Because feedback is what helps us improve even more!

    Well written article. Will be back for more!

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…24 Things You Don’t (But Should) Know about SnapchatMy Profile

    • Hi Arun,

      I am glad you understood the point I was trying to make, and I wish more people in the blogosphere understood it as well, because not enough of my peers are asking the right questions. We at Feedweb work to give you the best tool to do just that – get feedback.

  7. Hi Amiti,

    I used the Feedweb plugin for a while. After an update (probably WordPress) it broke. The color bars only extended part way, so I uninstalled it. Were you aware of the issue, and has it been resolved? I should probably give Feedweb another try.

    - Cole
    Cole recently posted…How Do You Get a Brand New Website Noticed?My Profile

    • Hi Cole,

      We had no such issue, although there might have just been a “fight” between plugins. If you do have such an issue we would love to hear from you, as we want it to work for everyone. Please feel free to email me: amiti AT, and like with many users, I will put you in touch with the developer.

      Hope to see your lovely blog back with us!

  8. I bet he will. He’s a genius.
    Mike Huiwitz recently posted…Miracle Traffic BotMy Profile

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