Audience Engagement: Hot, Or Not?

What is the key for a successful blog?

There are those that would say that it is writing about what is hot on the net. Others will say that the key is just driving traffic, while another group will say that it is all about networking with potential readers and colleagues on social media and other mediums. Those are all must for any blog; however, for your blog, audience engagement is the key – if you want it to be successful!


When reading blogs you’ve come across the posts that you can’t quite decide on:

  • Great images, but no explanation on what and why the topic is so important.
  • The information might be good, but the organisation or the way it is presented is not very catchy for you.
  • You saw that the blogger posted 3 blogs in one week, but before that he didn’t post anything for a month or two.


It just doesn’t seem right and we just skip it thinking, “It wasn’t for me.”

What are they missing, to make them “for you”? They might need a little help from the Audience Engagement Guru, who is going to give you the tips that are needed in order to keep those readers coming back to your blog.


I’ll be honest…When a blog post successfully engages me and my thoughts I share that content because it is “for me”.


Audience Engagement is…

Creating a lasting impression on readers and visitors by creating content that stimulates are brains. In short, audience engagement is exactly as it sounds. Unfortunately, not enough bloggers and online businesses succeed doing just that.


To Do List: 

  • Key for Audience Engagement

    Key for Audience Engagement

    Add a Personal Touch:

Your blog is like your baby – it needs to have your personal touch, there has to be a connection between you and each blog post. Put your style in the blog, let yourself go, and spill yourself all over the post. Show the reader that you are a real, normal person as much as they are. Share stories, connect with your blog and therefore with your audience.

  • Don’t Disappear:

You need to be just as consistent on your blog as you are in anything else you do in life. Do you go a week without calling your parents? You don’t you’re your daily/weekly routine at home so don’t skip your blogging routine. It’s not just your routine, rather it is also your readers’ routine – they are going to have it in the back of their heads that you are posting that day.

  • A Catchy title:

The title has to be clever, catchy and proof of your creativity. I can tell you from experience that if a post, no matter how interesting the actual information is, if it has a bad title, I wont even bother opening it. Why? I am already assuming I won’t like it, and I don’t have time to read another boring post.

  • The Spectacular Images:

Do you like seeing an image ten times? I sure hope you don’t (unless it is something breathtaking), because that could be quite boring. In today’s fast paced world the majority of visitors don’t read the entire post – they scan the post. The images you choose will decide if the reader will be engaged enough to actually read more than he/she looks.


This infographic is going to give you the details of how to make a blog post appealing for your audience, plus the audience engagement gurus tips, your blog is ready to shine.

Blog Post in Audience Engagement


6 Responses

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow! This was so helpful! Totally agree with your point of view. I can’t wait to try the tips out and engage my audience.

  2. Ofri says:

    I like the idea of the post, but maybe it should be a little more detailed, because all your tips are a bit broad, what about the topics? are bloggers supposed to post on many topics, or stick to one?

    Great start though!

    • Mariana Bialek says:

      Thank you Ofri!
      Your point is definitely valid, and I will for sure consider narrowing it down for the upcoming posts!
      Thank you again, and stay tuned for the next one! :)

  3. IT Shughal says:

    such a great post. you raised very important point dear. keep it up and keep writing this kind of post
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