4 Reasons to Use Reddit

Welcome to 2014, the year that you create your blog and take your existing one to new heights! Do you use Reddit to participate in discussions, or upload content? If you have content, but you are not uploading it to Reddit, then here is one of your first lessons for 2014.

The Reddit Alien

The Reddit Alien

What is Reddit?

According to the guys and gals at Reddit, it is a source for what’s new and popular on the web. Users like you provide all of the content and decide, through voting, what’s good and what’s junk. Links that receive community approval bubble up towards #1, so the front page is constantly in motion and (hopefully) filled with fresh, interesting links.

Does that really serve Reddit justice? How would you explain Reddit, as unlike other “social” sites, Reddit is a simple, old-school sharing site, with a lot of crazy/bored people…and that’s what makes it special!

Submitting to Reddit:

After creating an account, anyone can submit content to a sub-Reddit, although each one has its own rules. Some allows users to share links, while other (it appears to be the minority) only allow sharing of text posts. Also, be aware that there is a posting limit (per day) to limit spam.

To sum it all up, you can catch this short video.-“A list of the best stuff people are reading”.

So why should you use Reddit? First of all, it takes less than a minute to upload content. Pick the Reddit’s that you want to post in and share the content. It should be noted that you cannot upload, for example, 3 links in 1 minute. Once you uploaded the first time, there will be a wait period of just under 10 minutes, at which point link number 2 can be shared.

  1. It’s easy-there is no hassle with Reddit. Just pick a group that fits your post’s niche and get it live to see if your content will become part of “a list of the best stuff people are reading”.
  2. It’s fun-like all social media, it helps to give and take. Don’t expect to upload your first link and have it get to the main page of Reddit (the most popular content), although it is possible if you have got A+ content. So how is it fun? Interacting with other Redditers is usually fun, and is a great break from a stress-filled day.
  3. People read-one of the biggest problems of Facebook groups and other social media groups is that there are 1000 different people uploading, and no one reading. With Reddit, the main idea to signing in is to read! People want to read, all you have to do is give them something worth reading (sounds easy, no?)
  4. Karma-readers and fellow sharers can see how active you are in participating in discussions, and voting on other content. Now you can be noticed for how much you participate, and not for how much you share. If you are tired of the same old spam-filled social media groups, then getting content onto Reddit should be a match-made-in-heaven for you.

RedditWhy else should you use Reddit? I am sure there are other reasons, just like each person has their own reason for reading a certain newspaper and not another. You choose or will start using Reddit, because (you’re supposed to share your reason!)…




20 Responses

  1. Cole Wiebe says:

    Hi Amiti,

    Thanks for the reminder… must become more involved with Reddit this year. From what I’ve been reading, Reddit now delivers one of the best returns on time invested.

    Wishing you a very prosperous and enjoyable 2014,

    Cole Wiebe recently posted…The Real Reason Most Blogging and Social Media Missed the Mark in 2013My Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Hi Cole,

      Thanks for taking the time to read about Reddit. According to their statistics, there are almost 5 billion pageviews/month, with only 81 million unique users. At the end of the day, unlike when I sign into Facebook, when I visit Reddit I am looking to get news.

  2. Amiti,

    What a great reminder. I was on it a long time ago. Due to the fact that Facebook is starting to go on the down-slide, this looks like a perfect solution.

    I think I do have an account and will look through to check this platform out.

    It makes total sense!


    Donna Merrill recently posted…What’s Your Blogging Strategy?My Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Hi Donna,

      I definitely think that Reddit can be a nice substitute for Facebook. I am glad I could help.

      Enjoy the rest of the week, and best of luck in 2014!

  3. Hi, Amiti,
    Indeed an interesting write-up. :)
    Reddit is a good source of getting plenty traffic and make our contents go viral on web.
    However, there are some problems in it. One, getting our links at first page is a tough nut and it works like a Search Engine. Isn’t it?
    Another, thing, participating in community like, Reddit may raise our bounce back for blog which is bad for our blog.

    Perhaps, this is my view, otherwise Reddit sounds good.
    Thank you for sharing with us. :)
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…3 ways to optimize your Facebook brand pages.My Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Hi Kumar, I would assume that yes it could negatively affect the bounce rate, which isn’t something we want, on the other hand it does have the potential to drive quite a bit of traffic to your site. Getting to the main page is a challenge that we must take upon ourselves.

  4. Babanature says:

    Hello Amiti,
    I truly love any post based on reddit. I am using reddit for driving traffic to my blog and to tell you the truth, it works wonders :)
    I do prefer Reddit to facebook because of the interaction reddit gets.
    Thanks for dropping this post. Do have a wonderful week ahead
    Babanature recently posted…Your Website Is Liable To Get Hacked Because…My Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Thank you Babanature for taking the time to share that with us all. I agree with you that Reddit is as good as Facebook if not better (for traffic).

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Amiti,
    There is obviously no doubt that there is an enormous result from the use of Reddit but it ought to known that being active on it is what matters.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Beware! my Images too are Monetzied.My Profile

    • Amiti says:

      I totally agree with you my friend! Like any other social media site, connecting with others is what makes the difference between getting and not getting traffic.

  6. I love using Reddit. Although it can get crazy at times.
    Frederick A Hothan recently posted…cbrockstar.comMy Profile

  7. Reddit is a great platform but I can not figure out how to work it effectively.
    Kareem Williams recently posted…Is Tahiry And Rashidah From LHHNY Friendship Over For Good?My Profile

    • Amiti says:

      I can say that since I wrote this post, my love for Reddit has grown. It’s all about giving a comment on another feed, and uploading your link to the proper group (and there may be more than one).

  8. SURAJ SINGH says:

    yes Amiti,
    no doubt, Reddit is a great way to generate a lot of traffic. Honestly speaking, Your article and discussion on it through comments has inspired me to use Reddit much more frequently.
    thanks for a lovely guide
    SURAJ SINGH recently posted…Need For Speed Movie|Releasing|Story|Reviews and TrailerMy Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Hi Suraj,

      I am glad you found the article helpful, and I honestly believe that through correct use of Reddit you can create a larger loyal audience.
      Good luck!

  9. Hi Amiti,

    I agree, Reddit is a great way to increase traffic. I’ve read that, if you use Reddit effectively, then we will feel the results. However, I do not quite understand how to use it more effectively. That’s my lack!

    Thanks for sharing this guide with us, Amiti.
    I’m sure, this guide will be helpful for many people.

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…5 Ways to Increase Your Rankings without Content MarketingMy Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Hi Nanda,

      The best way to learn about Reddit, is by using it! It is trial and error. Start by sharing your older posts, and when you feel comfortable with it then you can start sharing your newer content.

  10. Really ,I did not know how to get reddit a huge traffic for my blog but as you convinced me what to be done , what to be know and how to do to get a huge traffic, I am very sorry for wrong doing and adopting not proper way as you said, I am very grateful towards you and thanks a lot.

    • Amiti says:

      Hi Bhavesh,

      At the end, all is good. I am glad that you are able to find some success with Reddit, as not only can it drive traffic, but it is also a great way to get people to share content by word-of-mouth. Good luck with Reddit and all the other social media avenues.