Pros and Cons of Click to Tweet

If you are looking for a social sharing tool to increase the visibility of your content, Click to Tweet is a great tool. Click to Tweet allows you to create pre-written tweets that users can easily share with their followers, right from your blog. Quotes, statistics and key ideas from your work can easily be shared on Twitter in your own words with this tool.

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While it can certainly serve as an effective tool for promoting your blog, Click to Tweet also has some disadvantages. Below is a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages that implementing Click to Tweet can have on your own blog.

Pros: It’s Easy to Use & Powerful

Sharing Made Easy

One of the biggest advantages of Click to Tweet is that it serves as a call-to-action to get readers tweeting your blog posts. As a blogger you want as much exposure as you can for your work, and Click to Tweet makes it easy to share. The Tweets that this tool produces are much more visual than a typical tweet featuring a link and the blog title, as explained by Social Media Examiner.

You can preset the Tweets that people will share to feature an image (using Twitter Cards), text and a shortened link to your blog post. This type of content is much more engaging than a simple link and will generate more traffic back to your blog.

Click to Tweet also plays on people’s tendency to share factual and statistical content. This tool makes it easier for people to take the key points from your posts and use them to impress their followers. This is great for organizations that want their statistics and key facts to gain visibility on the internet.

For example, a company such as Maxwell Systems would use Click to Tweet on their blog to share facts about their services and statistics from their infographics. While it is normally a challenge to encourage people to share complex information, Click to Tweet allows you to do the initial groundwork in order to make sharing simple.

Powerful URL Shortening and Tracking Tools

From a logistical perspective Click to Tweet takes care of the more difficult aspects of sharing content. In particular, it accommodates for large links by automatically shortening your blog’s URL when people click the link to share. This saves people the trouble of having to shorten the link using an external site.

From the perspective of the blogger this tool’s built-in tracking is extremely useful. Click to Tweet keeps track of how many people have clicked your Click to Tweet link. Also, when someone shares a link to your blog via Click to Tweet, you gain feedback that measures how many people have clicked the shared link. This type of feedback allows you to accurately measure the exposure that your blog posts are receiving from the tool.

Cons: It’s Easy to Use Badly


Overuse Can Annoy Your Visitors or Send Them Elsewhere

In terms of this tool’s disadvantages, it’s fairly easy to overuse Click to Tweet. Considering its simple and effective nature, you might be tempted to include Click to Tweet links for every little statistic on your blog. From the reader’s perspective this can be annoying, and your content will come across as overly promotional or egotistical.

In addition, while the intent of this tool is to help drive traffic back to your site, it might have an inverse effect. Having these links in the middle of your blog posts encourages people to leave your blog and end up on Twitter. Some of these visitors might not come back and finish reading your content.

Unfamiliar URLs

Another minor issue that Tweets generated from this tool have is that they have an unfamiliar URL. People are used to seeing shortened links like and, but links shortened by this service use the shortening URL base, which isn’t as immediately recognizable and might not come across as trustworthy. This might discourage some people from clicking the links leading back to your site.

Despite its shortcomings, Click to Tweet presents itself as a useful Twitter tool for simplifying the process of sharing content for your readers. By utilizing the site’s traffic analytics you can determine whether or not it is a tool that works well with your own content.

How do you use tools like Click to Tweet on your own blog? Got time? Respond in the comments below! No time? Answer a couple questions!

About the Author: Adrienne Erin is the head honcho at Pongra. She loves writing and blogging, because it allows her to combine her hobbies at one time. Her main interests are social media, travel, and personal growth. Check out her blog, and interact with Adrienne via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.



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  1. Hi Adrienne,

    Nice to meet you here on Amiti’s blog. Click to Tweet looks mighty fine to me. Twitter is my weak point. I just cannot keep up. I was thinking of hiring a VA just for that platform.

    This looks like something I can use and the pro’s outweigh the cons.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Keeping it PositiveMy Profile

    • Adrienne says:

      Hey Donna!

      I think Click to Tweet and other tools like it are great for helping your Twitter presence. Sometimes it takes a while for Twitter to “click,” that is, for it to start making sense and working as a marketing tool for your blog. But if you keep working on it, I think making it work is inevitable! Good luck! :)

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hi Adrienne and welcome to Amiti’s blog. Nice to meet another Adrienne!

    I wrote about this service a few months ago myself but only as an alternative if people wanted to tweet a sentence inside their post. This service made it easy to do.

    The con I have to it though is what if this service like the many here online decide to disappear one day and then you have to go back and worry about all those broken links. My alternative was to just add your own code which I shared as well.

    It’s a cool service though for those that prefer the easy way out but anything can be overused so to speak.

    Great share and hope you both have a wonderful holiday season.

    Adrienne recently posted…Why This Is My Last Post Of The YearMy Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Adrienne, and the alternative that you mentioned sounds like a very good idea.
      Enjoy the holiday season too!

    • Adrienne says:

      Thanks for the reply, Adrienne! I agree, if you’ve got the technical know-how, adding your own code is always the way to go – you never know when these services will disappear, start charging, or fall into an abyss of endless advertising.

      Happy New Year!

  3. Shalu Sharma says:

    Nice plugin. Thank you for sending me an email. I am taking a look and see how it goes. Thanks
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  4. Nice Pros and Cons of Click to Tweet. Thank you for sending

  5. Johnnie says:

    Awesome article.
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