Opinions: Why They Matter

What you think matters


The dictionary says that an “opinion” is any belief that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. Innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and fantasy are opinions  The simpler way of defining “opinion” would be-the way one feels regarding a certain topic that has no one truth. We all have a different opinion regarding religion, politics, our culture, and even entertainment. The only place you might not find opinions is in the mathematical field where all is backed up by facts. Are there opinions in science, computers, and history? I don’t know and don’t want to get into that. What do I want to get into? The importance of your opinion. NOT my opinion…your opinion.

Lets just say that there are plus/minus 1 billion blogs/sites all over the world that deal with opinions-sharing thoughts, feedback, feelings, and so on regarding various topics. Those sites that are based on only one persons opinions won’t get that far. Am I right or wrong? Wouldn’t a site that shares the opinions of its readers be more successful because it has more to offer. What do I have to offer? I offer my opinions, but they are not the same as those of my neighbors or business partners. Each and every one of us have all had different life changing moments, some less dramatic than others. Every moment teaches us something and shapes our different opinions.

When running a website of any type or marketing any type of business your goal should not be to target a specific age group rather an “opinion group”. People who share like opinions on politics, for example. This post should not just be based on my opinion of what should be done. It should be based on the opinions of the readers of this site, and not the opinions of a group that read a post on a similar website, because they are not my readers, my customers.

The case of marketing? Content marketing and content writing->these so called “experts” of social media or ninjas or gurus are high on something. There is no such thing as a social media guru/expert/ninja. It is a scam. We are all experts on content becuase we all have opinions and know that others have them as well. We are all familiar with social media. So what is an “expert”? It is someone that knows how to use images/video with opinions on social media. Now, is that really so difficult? If you want to, you can take all of your content to the next level through social media through the use of content-gooood content. Content=?????…….OPINIONS.

So I want to get this straight, and I think you want to as well. Anything that has good content is content that is based on the feelings and thoughts of many people coming from different groups and backgrounds. So when you visit a very popular blog, you won’t see once stance (unless they are trying to take the extreme route), rather that there are many ways of doing/expressing different actions/hobbies/whatever.

Get feedback. That’s how you get opinions. How do you get feedback? First of all comments, but that is  what, 2% of readers? So getting feedback means that you are going to need to use Feedweb. Why? Get to know your readers’ opinions faster and easier than ever before. Get the opinions to the questions that need the answers and not just any random topic.

Why would I read or buy something that “commands” me to do so? Why would you? You are your own man/woman, and we don’t need anyone else controlling what we do. What we all want is collaboration. With it-everything gets easier.