Feedweb: The Feedback Collector

Based on the feedback from the Feedweb widget in earlier posts, we realized that you don’t have enough information on the Feedweb Plugin. First of all, for those that don’t know…

Feedweb is a plugin (application for websites) that allows writers and readers to interact in a much simpler and more efficient manner. One would hope that readers would comment on content published in articles, but the cold hard truth is that only a small minority of readers will actually comment. So…..Feedweb Research created the plugin Feedweb that through it writers ask readers for their opinions regarding the content or site itself after every post. For example, a blog on social media. At the end or beginning of the post, writers will ask first of all, what is the reader’s view regarding the page (article-ranking). After that the publisher could ask readers, “Do you use these soc. media tools?”, “Is Facebook the best network for business”, “Should you tweet more than twice/day”, and many other questions. Now the publisher can get more feedback, as those that commented and many more will take one minute to answer the yes/no questions. There is no doubt that anyone running a site will have more answers in the Feedweb widget than the number of comments….it just takes less time.

Why use Feedweb? First of all, one can get a rating widget and a feedback collector in one widget, instead of downloading multiple widgets. The first question is asking for a rating on the page, and after that it can be used to collect opinions from readers. Anyone working on the site can see that when a post was written with a “liberal agenda” 2 times more people answered than when “conservative”. Let’s say someone writes on technological gadgets. When the post was about Apple, there were 50% more answers than posts regarding Samsung. Find out what your readers believe in, and give them what interests them.