9 Questions that Bloggers Should Ask Readers

You blog because you enjoy doing so. We all have your reasons for enjoying it, and some may make a bit of money from it, however the root of success for all of the best blogs is that their bloggers enjoy what they do. One area of caution that needs to be focused on when one is doing something they enjoy: the ability to get outside feedback. Too often when someone enjoys what they do, they forget to think outside of the box and ask for friendly feedback.

We are here to tell you, that you can get help. None of the web’s leading web blogs got to the size they are today without asking for a bit of help. Huffington Post did not rise from zero to hero in a day. TechCrunch did not always look or strive like it does today. One way to help you move up the ladder is to ask our readers questions. Here’s a run down of 9 questions that bloggers should ask readers.


How often do you visit?

Once a week or everyday? Obviously this is something you can also understand from analytics, but it is still worth asking readers. If you are getting “once a week visitors”, consider using outside products: Slideshare or your newsletter to bring them back more often.

Where do you share content?

Understand this, and then focus on being the spotlight for readers on their favorite social networks to share content.

How long have you been reading?

Reuse and repurpose content that is older than your average reader.

Do you agree with the content shared?

As previously mentioned, no one is telling you to change your content or tone, however knowing this can help you drive the point home in your posts. If you know a little bit more about where your readers stand on topics you write, you should be able to capitalize and strengthen the value of the blog.

What makes you want to read?

Let them flatter you.

How can the site be improved?

You may think that the layout is fine. You may think that the pop-ups are fine. You may think a lot is fine, and it may very well be just as you feel.

Do you follow on social media?

It is not enough to know where people share your content, rather you’d be better off knowing if their is a correlation between where they follow and where they share.

What has been your favorite post?

What makes your readers feel like they are in heaven?

What other blogs do you enjoy reading?

This question will ultimately help you better understand “who the reader is”.

Which questions will you ask? These 10 were just examples – ones that you can use – that if you personalize can obviously improve your blogging infrastructure. There is a simple lesson that all great business leaders know: listen more than you talk. After writing so much for your readers, it is now time to listen to them. Do you have to assimilate their suggestions into your site? What you need to do is listen. Acting on that is your choice.

Don’t forget, Feedweb can be your perfect tool for getting to know “who the reader is” on your WordPress blog.