Feedweb 2.1.7: The rating widget for WordPress

knowledgeYou have a blog and you want to get a feeling for what your readers think about our content. You want people to comment, but as we all know, the number of people that take the time to comment is minuscule. So in order to solve the problem there are those that will implement a rating widget. On WP there are over 10 different rating widgets. It can be said that each one has its own benefits, and that each one probably has its own “weakness”. Personally, I can say that Feedweb is better than other rating widgets (and not just because I work on it). Feedweb is for serious and professional websites. If the content has meaning and is important to its readers then asking for a rating based on stars or getting a thumbs up/thumbs down is not going to cut it. Does that really let the publisher know what the readers really think about a certain topic or does it just give feedback on the way the post was written.

Why use Feedweb? Of course you can get the 1-5 rating, but in addition Feedweb offers so much more. Ask your readers for their opinions, because at the end of the day we human beings want to be heard. I want as many people as possible to read this, and at the same time I want to create as much interaction as possible with my readers. A dairy is not to be shared, but content that is posted on-line is intended to be discussed. So, if readers are not discussing through comments, then why not use Feedweb. Ask questions each time that are related to the latest post and in turn find out what the readers think. Do they think that there is a chance for this new cell phone to be better than the iPhone?

One thing that is possible is that through the use of the widget, a publisher can create more comments. A reader that did not intend to comment may choose to do so based on one of the questions asked. You can use Feedweb

  • Feedweb: Get a rating
  • Feedweb: Ask 4 yes/no questions
  • Feedweb: Find out who is voting (in the very near future!! male, female, country)
  • Feedweb: Statistical feedback on how readers voted on every question.

or just get a star rating.

Enjoy Feedweb, and let us know how we can do more to help our sites create more interaction with readers.