Great Bloggers are Storytelling

What is a blogger trying to do in writing blog posts and running all of the various aspects that help the blog thrive (such as social media, creating rich digital content, etc.)? A blogger is someone that is trying to use content to create a community of like minded individuals to interact with each other about the blog and the niche it sits in.

Thanks  to Wikipedia we can clearly state that a blog is a discussion or informational site. What does that have to do with storytelling? With so many websites and blogs scattered across the web, picking a site to spend time is a reader can be a tough decision, but at the end of the day the readers of all the blogs have a home to get their content. The common denominator that all of the most popular blogs of a niche have in common is their ability to become storytellers. The jargon used to define what the writers do is “blogger”, but the successful ones that get their content read day in and out are storytellers.

What is a storyteller? It’s someone that creates the environment for discussion and providing information by telling a story. The storyteller does not rush him/herself into the meat of the topic. Just like your Oscar-winning movies, it takes time for the story to unfold, and all the while you are tuned in as if it was a matter of life and death.

Why storytelling is important

Want more interesting statistics that prove how important your content is? Check out the Slideshare created by NewsCred.

Tips for Storytelling

Know what your readers want or just be very creative in getting their attention! As Gary V. says,

And to be a good storyteller, first you need the attention of the customer to even get that chance. And their attention is shifting, my friends, and it is shifting fast. 

  1. Relate to the reader by offering examples, either from your own personal experiences or by offering examples from popular brands or people. Although you might think that your life is boring, or that it is irrelevant, however more times than not, you can find a tangent from your experiences in work to a point you want to make in a post.
  2. Pop culture is hot and will continue to stay hot in the eyes of the readers. Which aspect of pop culture you use in your posts depends on what niche you are part of, but what is for sure is that for every discussion on the internet there is one bit of pop culture that you can use to infuse your posts with more spice.
  3. Using infographics make the storytelling simple. First off, the writer already has a format and sort of timeline that he/she can use in order to better express the points to the readers. For the readers, an infographic is like waking up to breakfast in bed: it makes the entire process that much more enjoyable.
  4. Using similes and metaphors is just as successful for blog posts as powdered sugar is on french toast. See what we did there? The majority of the post should not be comparing peanut butter and jelly with beautiful graphics in blog posts, but rather the effect of a play of words that is used once or twice wisely is much more effective. If you are good enough at this practice, readers could eventually flock to your content just to look for your authentic play on words.
  5. Quality is the name of the game. The quantity game ended ages ago, literally before the times of “Game of Thrones”. If you take a glance at some of my favorite blogs: Buffer, Quicksprout, KissMetrics, and Hubspot you’ll notice the amount of quality that goes into a post. That ladies and gents is exactly why people say:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. – Tim Notke (basketball coach)

My personal opinion: create a story for your blog as a whole, and then create micro stories for your blog that relates to what stands behind your blog.

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