Using Social Media for Better Blog Posts

Usually, if you are a blogger, you use social media to interact with readers, friends, and colleagues. You share your writing as well as that of others. One thing that we usually don’t do with social media is utilize it in order to get input from others before we start writing. If you need or want more brain power while writing, there is no problem in getting a bit of aid from social media for better blog posts.

Going to social media channels before writing is a personal issue, and just like there are those bloggers that write in a different way, or choose to get feedback in a certain way, there are those that will choose to use social media in a different way – it’s all okay, just like an apple vs. a banana – different, but just as good.

For those that want to utilize social media in the pre-writing stage, or are considering doing so, here are just a handful of ways to do it perfectly.

Pinterest Group Boards

About PinterestOne of my favorite features on Pinterest is its group boards, that make it a more “social” network. Create a group board and give it a clever name. Then let everyone know why you have created the board, and invite them to share images of topics that they think earn a bit of fame on your blog.


Google Hangouts

We all live a very fast-paced life so finding time to successfully carry-out a hangout can be a challenge, but if done correctly it can also bring a great deal of success. First of all, make sure you make it a cozy one by making it available to small group of individuals. If it is your first one, start with 3-4, and then with time (and comfort) you can grow it to add more people.

To give it the power it needs to succeed, you’ll have to again let everyone know about it, and then create a bi-weekly (or weekly/monthly) date in which you will carry out the hangout. Share the topics ahead of time, and if you have got a great group, check if it’s okay with them that you publish it so others can see the magic

Create a Google Plus Community

This is a great move that you should make, regardless of improving blog posts. If you have got time on your hands create either alone or with a small group a niche Google Plus Community. Yes, I am aware of the disdain for this social media network, and yes it is not the most popular, however creating a strong community could give others more reason to use the social network.

Look into the communities that have the most engagements in Google Plus, and even in other social media networks and find the common denominators that make a “group” strong and engaging. When it comes to working with others before publishing, create a tab for “pre-publishing” that can be used not only for yourself, but also by others in order to get more feedback from your niche before putting the work in front of readers.

Twitter Hashtag

Yes the hashtag has made its way into other social media networks, but it is king in Twitter. Create a simple hashtag with an image and share it a few times a day. Create a catchy image, and create a relevant hashtag, for example: #”X”blogreaderinput, #What2write, etc.

Make sure to add an image that presents/conveys a message to your readers as to what or why you are coming to them.


These are just a handful of ways in which you can use social media to improve your blog content, and I am sure that you can think of another handful of ideas for incorporating social media into your pre-publishing stage. Make sure you use all of your social media/email resources to get the word out to your audience in regards to what you are doing.

One last bit of advice: add incentives to the process. This could be giveaways, guest posts on your blog (or you on their blog), exclusivity, and so much more. The only question that remains is how will you create a better writing process that involves reaching out to the crowd?