5 Ways Bloggers Can Get More Feedback

Yea, you could say that we are kind of obsessed with the relationship between readers and bloggers, but there is reason to our madness: blogging is a business, whether or not you seek to profit, because it all comes to creating something that adds value to someone else.

What is one of the cornerstones of business? As we recently saw and were reminded in a post by Salesforce, “the customer is the center of your universe“. With that in mind, how do you go about making sure you know what is going on in your own part of the universe? Here are our 5 ways bloggers can get more feedback. Agree with them?

1. Ask a simple yet important question

Don’t just ask in the middle of your writing. Create an attention grabbing text-image that readers won’t miss. Not only do your loyal and most important readers see that you are paying attention to the details and seeking to interact, more than likely you’ll see plenty of new-comers also answering your question in the comments secion.


2. Reward for interaction

Instead of running a giveaway that allows followers to have a higher chance of winning based on how many social networks they share the giveaway on, run a giveaway for those that actually take time to share their thought on the actual blog posts, or for their comments on your social media profiles. Create a stronger relationship with those that know the most about your brand, and remind the rest what they are missing out on.

3. Create a hangout

Do you need to run a webinar? Do you need to interview someone else? Odds are that you have enough content. Take a few minutes to ask your followers when they want to chat, and then create a hangout/group call so that you and your readers can better understand each other, and maybe you’ll even create a new relationship.

The point is simple: take time to teach readers what you preach, but at the same time keep it semi -informal so that people from all over the globe can chill together.

4. Finish the post with a bang

Even if your visitors are not reading the entire post, they usually scroll to the bottom to make sure they are not missing out on anything. You’ve got to make sure to at least have either an original image, quote, question(s), or catchy headline at the end to make sure that even the skimmers are tempted to give you feedback. This is the part of the post that you act like the little sibling that is acting out for attention by wearing something distracting. A combination with a short video usually does the trick!

5. Polls/surveys

We have extremely short attention spans. How do you get feedback from a group of people who can stay on the same thing for more than a handful of seconds? Give them the super-quick option. Create a targeted poll or survey, but make sure you don’t give people 4-5 different options, as the amount that answer tends to decrease with an increase in options – it’s like the girl that gets lost shopping.


What are you going to do to get more feedback?

Don’t underestimate the importance of actually knowing the truth as to what your readers believe about your content or the topic itself.




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