Helping you with Feedweb

Why do you use Feedweb? Is it to give the page some zest, is it there just to get a ranking “reader’s view”, or are you using Feedweb to get constructive feedback from you readers?

I hope it’s the latter one. The thought was that by designing a plugin that allowed authors to ask readers any yes/no questions they wanted, that there would begin to be a relationship between the site’s staff and its readers. As we all know, the best way to interact with readers is through getting them to comment. How many people at the end leave a comment? 10%? Not enough readers comment in order for the author to get a true feeling and understanding of who is reading the articles. Introducing Feedweb. Of course the first question, and a very important one, is asking, what is the reader’s view of the page? After getting an answer to that it is time to ask the questions that will help create a stronger relationship between the two sides-readers and publishers.

Today, if I want to read an article on Obamacare, I can probably find a few hundred sites discussing the topic, so how do I choose which site to go into and read on a daily basis? Maybe it is the first one to show up in my Google search, but just maybe I am a smart person that wants to read something written by someone that cares about my opinions? Do I want to read like a lame duck or do I want to create dialogue? Again the latter.

Successful sites (no matter the content) create an atmosphere that welcomes dialogue. Take a look at a new post on the Rolling Stone’s cover, or another one on travel, or a great one on the cellular phone battle. Some use Feedweb well, while others don’t do a great job of using it as a tool for interaction. Notice-those that use Feedweb well, actually have a better post-most of the time.

For more blogs using Feedweb, and to see if all of this is correct check out this community of over 1500 sites.