Make your Blog “Feedback Friendly”

At Feedweb, we are all about making feedback easier to give and receive. We believe that when people stumble across a site, the option to offer feedback should be as simple a manner as sharing content is. Does that mean you need to start using pop up boxes to get feedback? We don’t think so, and getting feedback from every last visitor won’t happen even if you do use a pop up. Simplifying the feedback process is a win-win situation that puts the visitor in a valued position, and you the blogger, in a position to know more about your readers’ tastes.

To make one point clear: your blog – your rules. So, by no means do we want to push this down your throat, rather we are just offering our two cents. If you do want to at least read up or give this a shot, then here is how and what we suggest.

Tools/ways to increase feedback:


Don’t wait until the last paragraph or sentence to ask your readers thoughtful questions. Those loyal readers will answer your questions, but what about new visitors? Try adding a question for your readers throughout the entire post, and not just at the end.

Do you have to ask questions? No you don’t. Controversial content will garner comments without the questions, however if your content isn’t controversial it is highly recommended that you either make a few bold statements  (in bold), or ask a question in order to pull your readers into the post.

-Try telling a personal story – it makes readers feel part of you and your content, and that helps create a relationship.


Yes, we’ve spoken about this quite a bit, and we will continue to push it – because we believe in it. We will keep hammering away at this until more online professionals and content publishers understand the importance of adding questionnaires, surveys, or polls to blogs. Consider how powerful a poll with a monthly question could be. You start off the month introducing the poll, and remind your community of its being every once in a while. By the end of the year, you could have an even better definition and understanding of what your visitors think, like, and believe in.

What questions would you like to ask your readers? There has got to be something – none of us know everything.

Social Media

If you don’t want or are not able to use your site as the main source of feedback collection from visitors, then social media is the next best bet. Create images asking a specific question, and maybe even include a prize for the best advice. Turn it into a game or a story becuase that is what works on social media. No one signed up for Twitter or Facebook to be sold to. No, people join social media to stay connected. What’s better then offering visitors a place to feel connected and wanted? Have you used social media for this before?

Themed Posts

Consider sharing with your readers what you have learned from them and the respected posts they have written over a period of time. By showing that you are open to learning and that you still have work to do to be the best, your visitors will value your opinions and thoughts even more – “Humbleness is one of the secret ingredients for success”.

Not only will you gain respect from visitors, but you are also very likely to create an atmosphere that promotes sharing the same type of content you’ve just shared. What does that translate to? Getting feedback from others, not necessarily on what you do, on where they can improve. Knowledge is power and what is one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

So with a new year upon us, it is time to seek new ways to tell your story, and the means by which you will move up the ladder. Learning from mistakes, or improving upon your foundation is a winning route. What are you going to try?


3 Responses

  1. Dylann says:

    I’m glad to read this article about making your Blog “Feedback Friendly”. It’s very useful and helpful for the bloggers. Thanks for sharing this article with us. Great post!
    Dylann recently posted…5 Retail Marketing IdeasMy Profile

  2. Cole Wiebe says:

    Hi Amiti,

    Thanks for the inspiration. The feedback I’ve been receiving over the past few months has been down, and I need to take a little more time to prepare the final thoughts in my blog and social posts to encourage a response.

    Cole Wiebe recently posted…How Do I Turn Blog Posts Into Leads? (Part 2)My Profile

    • Amiti says:

      Hey, no problem Cole.
      At the end, bloggers are here to help other bloggers – or we won’t be very successful.
      Best of luck in the coming months and in ’15.