Feedweb Plugin Tutorial

What is Feedweb? How do you use Feedweb? We’ll answer those questions, and hopefully others as well with this short yet complete tutorial of our plugin “Feedweb”.

Feedweb is a Rating Widget (an excellent tool for collecting feedback) that allows you to gather a 1-5 rating for each post and ask binary questions (as you see at the end of this post). Along with the rating widget, Feedweb also includes a Feeder that is generally placed in the sidebar (as you can see to your right) and is quite similar to a recent/popular posts widget.

Note: In order to use the selected posts widget, one must insert a rating widget (like the one at the end of the post).

The Feedweb plugin is a simple and easy tool to use to not only get precise feedback from a higher percentage of your readers, rather it can also act as a type of recent/popular posts widget. Together these two widgets act as a complete reader-engagement plugin to get your readers to stay on your site longer and giving you precise to feedback to keep your site metrics and readers happy.

Rating widget: get a 1-5 rating, and ask your readers any yes/no questions.

Feedweb Feeder: displays posts based on a series of settings (such as: authors, latest, most voted) all decided upon by the site admin.

How to Add a Rating Widget:

Once you have installed the plugin and activated it, you will by default be asked to add a widget to a new post once you’ve selected publish. The video below shows first of all how to add a widget to an old post, and secondly covers the entire process of adding a widget to posts. 



Some Neat Features:

  • Personal binary questions
  • CSS editable
  • Sharing option in widget
  • Display results immediately or delayed

Why use it?

 Tiffany Yong: “I don’t usually buy plugins for my website as I hope to keep it basic. Until I started using Feedweb and liked how it enables me to know the response of my readers with yes/no questions”

Friendly Reminders:

  • Ask relevant and interesting questions
  • Ask readers to interact via widget – as you would ask them to comment
  • Do not repeat the same question in different words


How to Add a Feeder Widget (Similar to Recent/Popular Posts ):

After you have used the rating widget in at least 10 posts, you will be able to begin using the Feedweb Feeder on your website to display your posts in a more attractive and engaging manner that should increase your pageviews and average visit duration, while decreasing the bounce rate. 

FYI: More than 50 percent of the cortex, the surface of the brain, is devoted to processing visual information.

See the short video on how to add the Feeder…




  • Feed height
  • Feed width
  • Location
  • Max. image height

Why use it?

 Jason Fox: “I use the “Feedweb Feeder” on my site because I know how important it is to keep my readers engaged and active on my site once they are there.  The Feeder presents my content very elegantly and it was simple to set up”


Don’t forget that all Feedweb posts with a rating widget can be published on our blog aggregator so that you can not only engage your current readers, but also your newest ones. 



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  1. Karin says:

    Getting feedback from my readers thanks to Feedweb is important to me, as a blogger. Now that you’ve added the feeder, my blog looks colorfool and inviting.
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  2. Amit Ahuja says:

    That’s a great way of making a customer stay for some long to decrease the bounce rate.
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