7(+) Audience Engagement Tools

7+ Tools for Audience Engagement

How do you engage your readers? Obviously content plays a major role in engaging readers. Content is and will always be king (and it is up to us to keep it that way). We would be kidding ourselves if we thought that the only thing that engaged readers was the content. Today, there are audience engagement tools (although they may not be called that) ranging from  themes, image creation/editing, and different types of digital media that can be inserted into blog posts to help engage readers.

Luckily for all of us the tools needed to help us engage readers are just one Google search away.


Audience Engagement Tools for Bloggers

Audience Engagement Tools for Bloggers



- It’s what catches the eyes of potential readers before they hit your page, and once readers are on your page this is what helps them decide if they should read or not.


Canva: if you are familiar with Canva, I don’t think I need to go on, but for the others let me elaborate. Canva is the best tool currently available to create your very own umique images. Don’t know Photoshop? No problem! Now with Canva you can engage readers from the second they see the image on various social media sites.


PicMonkey: if you want to continue using your images that you have photographed or bought from stock, then one way to keep readers engaged is via this simple and free (almost no reason to upgrade) photo editing tool. After using it, readers won’t be able to say that your images are bland.


PinWords: are you asked every time you see those amazing Pinterest images with perfect text? We are, and we want to be just like them, so we found PinWords. You need to know how to get the point across to readers without them having to read (because lets face it, our attention span is short). PinWords is one viable solution, and if you are using Pinterest this is a must.


ReciteThis: if you don’t have any text images, then you are lagging behind in the blogosphere. Every blog has to use one every once in a while. If it were difficult to create a beautiful quote image, no one would blame you for not adding one. Fortunately, that is not the case. With ReciteThis, you’ll be engaging those readers that just go crazy for sexy images.

**Honorable mention for creating images with quotes -“QuotesCover“, and as the name implies this is for social media cover images.

 For all of your memes needs check out:

  • memegenerator.net
  • https://imgflip.com/memegenerator
  • imgur.com/memegen


Digital Media

-Who said that content has to be written? Why can’t we present it in media-rich fashion? Why not engage readers by adding bonus content or a monthly summary in a short presentation at the end of posts? 


SlideShare: Simple and easy to create and embeddable in your blog posts. Honestly, this may be one of the most underused tools available to bloggers. Why not engage readers by adding bonus content or a monthly summary in a short presentation at the end of posts? The added bonus is that SlideShare is an aggregator of sorts, in that it publicizes the top slideshares and everything you publish is searchable.


Prezi: One Major difference between Prezi and Slideshare is that the latter is created to be more interactive, and is great if you want to tell a story. It would be wise to alternate between the two of these.


Powtoon: this interactive tool for creating animated videos is for the bloggers with a vision. It’s for those that take engaging their audience as a top priority.The skinny – create animated videos without any major technical skills for free (or close to it). No matter how old your readers are, or what niche your blog is part of, readers will appreciate a well made animated short.




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  1. That is a superb post…… looking forward to using some of this kinda tools to enhance my posts :)
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    Thanks for share this information.. This tools helpful for always engage the audience…
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  3. Thanks for sharing wonderful post. How nicely you share some great tips through which everyone can engage their audience.

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  4. Great tools.
    By the way, what’s the copyright policy of images created in Canva?
    I only heard of Canva and ReciteThis in images section.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    • Amiti says:

      Hi Akshay,

      Great question! From what it seems, there are no copyright issues with Canva. If you use only free items or pay the premium effects then you are good to go. The point of Canva is to create a medium for bloggers and anyone with an online biz to create slick images without having to deal with copyright issues – at least that is the way it seems.